Are You "Violent"? Grapetooth Release New Track

It's the second single from Clay Frankel (Twin Peaks) and Chris Bailoni (Home-Sick)

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Are You "Violent"? Grapetooth Release New Track

Grapetooth is the name you’ll find raucous duo Clay Frankel (Twin Peaks) and Chris Bailoni (Home-Sick) performing under. The two released one song at the end of last year, “Trouble,” and just released their second single on Thursday, “Violent.”

If your music taste never left the ‘70s and ‘80s, or was transported back to those years, the sound Grapetooth have been channeling will be a welcome guiding pull into the present. Somewhere in the realm of The Cure, Psychedelic Furs and The Clash, Grapetooth stomp in, ready for some wild shows—and that’s exactly what Frankel and Bailoni have been playing, as the videos of their live performances confirm.

Each song is accompanied by a music video distorted by a fisheye lens and featuring the band members. The “Trouble” music video is full of late-night street exploration, ponchos and good-natured, somewhat reckless fun. “Violent” has a bit more of a storyline, with Frankel and Bailoni being chased by a police office/detective through an apartment and down alleyways. The chase scenes are interspersed with scenes of the bandmates having a home karaoke/dance party with just themselves and some strobe lights.

The simplistic, repetitive lyrics easily stick in your head—ideal for shouting along to, Frankel’s voice crackles into a rough yell for central lines like, “How violent are you?” As Frankel’s face is shoved into the floor during the music video, lyrics like “Are you, are you violent?” tilt ironically. Still, there’s an overall feel-good vibe, as these songs are meant for a crowd ready to dance with its upbeat tempo and the drum kicking through.

Watch the “Violent” video below and a Twin Peaks interview from the Paste vault further down.

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