Lord Huron, Phoebe Bridgers Share Revamped Take on "The Night We Met" for Netflix's 13 Reasons Why

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Lord Huron, Phoebe Bridgers Share Revamped Take on "The Night We Met" for Netflix's <i>13 Reasons Why</i>

The soundtrack for the new season of 13 Reasons Why, all 13 episodes of which premiered Friday on Netflix, is a smorgasbord of sounds spanning decades, genres and moods—New Order, Khalid and Tears for Fears are all included in the unlikely lineup of contributors. Last season, the Lord Huron song “The Night We Met” found its way into the massively popular, albeit oft-maudlin, series, and now the band is returning to 13 Reasons Why with a new take on their hit song featuring the noir-ish indie songstress Phoebe Bridgers (whom we named one of the 20 best new artists of 2017).

“The Night We Met” is the caboose track from Lord Huron’s 2015 release, the spacey indie-folk travel log Strange Trails. Bridgers’ vocal contribution expands the song’s already-haunting melody to encompass a deeper sense of melancholia, something she also comfortably emits on her critically adored 2017 LP Stranger in the Alps. Lord Huron’s Ben Schneider and Bridgers are likely collaborators, too: Each have traversed the spectrum of indie-folk sounds, though Bridgers says she isn’t yet committed to a confined style.

Lord Huron  released their third studio album, Vide Noir, in April, and it sees the group jumping ship on their traditional realm of sounds. You can revisit their 2012 Daytrotter session down below. You can also watch Bridgers’ 2017 Paste Studios session further down.

13 Reasons Why has certainly seen its share of controversies, and those don’t stop where the soundtrack starts. The Car Seat Headrest song “Oh! Starving” was part of the first season’s soundtrack, but frontman Will Toledo himself joined in the critical masses last year, citing possible detrimental effects on young viewers. This season, the show is served up with a content warning, alerting viewers to potentially graphic scenes. The show is rated TV-MA. You can stream the whole 13 Reasons Why season two soundtrack right here.

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