Motes are BACK with "Again Again"!

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Indie buzz band Motes bring their new single to the table today, "Again Again," from their upcoming release via Heirship Records. It feels like it's been a while since we've heard from the band, and they are back and better than ever. On the track we fall in love with the group all over again. From the stunning vocals and musicianship of Elizabeth Majerus, combined with the instrumentation of Matt Cohn and Matt Mitchell, Motes are a band made in heaven.  

Hailing from Illinois, the group has the makings of an indie-dream band. Their post-punk tendencies add dashes of dream-pop that brings their sound to center stage. With intriguing lyricism that reads like poetry, Motes have quickly proved they have staying power. Stay tuned for more music from Motes this year, as they will be releasing their new LP, "Crash the Day." We're on the edge of our seats to hear where the band takes us this year!

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Photo Credit Lisa Gatzke

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