The Funniest Tweets about Tomi Lahren Getting Water Thrown On Her

Comedy Features Tomi Lahren
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The Funniest Tweets about Tomi Lahren Getting Water Thrown On Her

What makes Tomi Lahren so easily memeable? Is it her incoherent political ramblings on Fox News? Is it it because she seems to perfectly fit the stereotype of the kind of woman Fox tends to hire? It can’t just be because she says a lot of racist, mean-spirited and untrue things about liberals, Democrats, and pretty much anybody further left than Sean Hannity—that’s true of so many rightwing pundits and “journalists” these days (and so many Republican politicians, too.) There’s just something about Tomi that makes her an unusually easy target online. Maybe it’s because she’s a woman? It’s possible, maybe probable, that there’s some sexism involved. But some of her biggest critics are also women, and Lahren gleefully demeans feminism and liberal women and would probably take every possible opportunity to deny that sexism exists, so that seems like too easy of an answer. Her ideas are bad and the way she frames them is vile, but then again that’s par for the course for the last two or three decades of rightwing punditry. Maybe it’s because she keeps finding herself in ridiculous situations, in addition to being hateful?

The latest: while eating brunch with her mother in Minneapolis on Saturday, Lahren had water thrown on her by another diner. The outrage from conservatives ran all the way up to the President himself, who long ago established that he has nothing better to do at any given moment than tweet divisive nonsense. Trump’s involvement took a minor story that might’ve spawned a few good tweets for an hour or two, and turned it into a Twitter goldmine that’s been churning out prime nuggets for going on a day now. Glittering new flakes are still being dredged up even as I write this. Take a look at the fine repository of good- (but mostly bad-) natured Tomifoolery below, and then go follow every single one of these folks on Twitter.

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