The Funniest #HimToo Tweets Inspired By a Very Embarrassing Mom

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The Funniest #HimToo Tweets Inspired By a Very Embarrassing Mom

Buckle up, my friends, for another wild ride on the Twitter Meme Express. This is a particularly hilarious one, and it all started with this now-deleted tweet:

Screen Shot 2018-10-09 at 9.46.55 AM.png

Everything about that is funny, from the weird conservative paranoia to the godawful hashtag to the picture itself, which looks more like someone starring in a musical about the navy and an actual U.S. Navy vet. As you can imagine, it quickly attracted the attention of the Twitter wolves. It’s difficult to trace exactly how poor Marla’s tweet became meme-ified, but it seems like Twitter legend Krang T. Nelson had something to do with it:

For a while, Marla responded to the tweets before deleting them all and then her account. But it was way too late—Twitter was off to the races. Enjoy this collection of #HimToo memes that truly brightened our Mondays:

Amazingly, this saga culminated with the appearance of the poor dude's brother, and then the dude himself! And they managed to turn it around:

Twitter is a terrible, wonderful place.

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