Adam Sandler Shares a Chris Farley Tribute Song on the 21st Anniversary of Farley's Death

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Adam Sandler Shares a Chris Farley Tribute Song on the 21st Anniversary of Farley's Death

The most touching part of Adam Sandler’s great stand-up special 100% Fresh was the tribute to Chris Farley. The SNL great and Tommy Boy star died unexpectedly at the age of 33, the same age as his hero, John Belushi, and it’s hard not to feel that loss whenever Sandler and friends like David Spade and Chris Rock reunite for a project. Sandler’s bittersweet song for his lost friend dredges up a variety of emotions—it’s sad, proud, wistful and hilarious all at once, and a beautiful remembrance for a fearless and explosive comic dynamo.

Farley passed away 21 years ago today, and to memorialize his friend and colleague Sandler has posted the full song on Facebook. It’s a sweet, funny eulogy to a great comedian who passed too soon, and if you haven’t seen it yet you should definitely go take a look. It might be a weird decision to run a close-up of Sandler ripping a guitar solo while Farley’s childhood home movies are barely visible in the background, but hey, it’s Sandler’s special, so he can do what he wants with it. What we can see of the montage of Farley highlights playing above Sandler is more than enough to make his absence keenly felt. Few comedians could hit the highs that Farley regularly achieved when he was in the right vehicle, and although his short film career had more than its share of misses, there’s no reason to think he didn’t still have dozens of great performances ahead of him when he died in 1997.

Check out Sandler’s song over at Facebook, and when you’re done go track down a copy of Tommy Boy and his best SNL sketches. It’s the least you can do.

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