Daily Dose: Banana Rays, "Vega"

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Daily Dose: Banana Rays, "Vega"

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There’s almost no information available on Banana Rays. They’re “some guys from Memphis,” according to their Twitter. “Vega” is their only song. They seemingly have no label, and a glance at their various social media channels suggests that they must have just formed. A Reddit user claims they have an EP called Flow State due out next week, although there’s little other information available. But it’s that apparent newness that makes a sure-footed song like “Vega” all the more surprising. It’s a hearty slab of psychedelic pop, full of the sort of rich, thick tones that befit a band much more established than Banana Rays seem to be.

The focus on their scant online presence isn’t meant to be reductive—bands have to start somewhere, after all. But so often, musicians spend a lot of time building an audience through social channels before dropping any sort of new music in order to ensure it reaches as many ears as possible. Banana Rays’ blatant disregard for that model of online social engineering is part of what makes “Vega” so refreshing—the song, along with the band, have seemingly come to us fully formed, out of the great blue beyond.

Check out “Vega” below.

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