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<i>Kingdom Hearts III</i> Lucky Emblem Location Guide

As you travel through the multiple worlds of Kingdom Hearts 3 you’ll encounter a number of hidden secrets scattered across the length and breadth of Disney and Pixar’s brightest creations. Keen-eyed explorers can earn themselves a number of powerful accessories by collecting one of the 90 Lucky Emblems hidden across each of the game’s many worlds. Collecting enough of these emblems will also reward you with a hidden ending clip after you complete the game, so die hard fans will definitely want to get searching as soon as possible.

After obtaining the Gummiphone from the starting moments of your time in Twilight Town, you will be able to take photos of one of the 90 total emblems that can take the form of any range of objects and shapes, all of which will come together to display the famous mouse head symbol of the King himself. Some of the emblems are easier to see than others, but with a bit of careful positioning and the help of this handy guide you’ll have gathered them all in no time.


1. On the staircase heading upwards from the Overlook savepoint, located between two pairs of potted trees.

KH3 Olympus 1.jpg

2. Located in The Big Olive area, found on the piece of collapsed wall in the middle point where you slide on Goofy’s shield through the flames.

KH3 Olympus 2.jpg

3. Found on the staircase to the right of the central temple in the Agora zone.

KH3 Olympus 3.jpg

4. Found in the Overlook zone, directly below the rooftop you jump off. The Emblem itself is located on the wall to the right of a column.

KH3 Olympus 4.jpg

5. When the path first splits as you climb up the mountain, take a right and locate the waterfall at the end. Defeat the water monsters nearby and the waterfall will recede revealing the emblem on the wall.

KH3 Olympus 5.jpg

6. Located a short distance up the mountainside, found on the column of an archway just before you enter the cave leading further upwards towards Mt. Olympus.

KH3 Olympus 6.jpg

7. After heading through the cave and climbing past the large statue of Zeus, head towards the clearing and look over the edge of the cliff to find the emblem on a small plateau below.

KH3 Olympus 7.jpg

8. Located in a small cavern towards the peak of the mountain where you fight the earth titan. The emblem can be found hanging on some vines on a dead tree that overlooks a porthole leading over the edge of the cliff.

KH3 Olympus 8.jpg

9. Found in the corridors zone of the realm of the gods, this emblem can be located on the side of the stairs found a little way up from the first water slide you encounter.

KH3 Olympus 9.jpg

10. Found at the top of the first waterslide in the large room, located on the back wall between the braziers in the wall alcoves.

KH3 Olympus 10.jpg

11. Found on the side of the anvil down in the secluded forge area.

KH3 Olympus 11.jpg

12. Found sitting in the distance on the horizon in the Cloud Ridge zone. Take the long upwards grind rail towards the peak of the nearby statue then defeat the monsters at the top before heading over the the edge and snapping the emblem.

KH3 Olympus 12.jpg

Twilight Town

1. Right after the cinematic where you get the camera, take a photo of the marker.

KH3 Twilight Town 1.jpg

2. A small emblem located on the roof of the tram that circles around Twilight Town.

KH3 Twilight Town 2.jpg

3. Located inside one of the three chimney stalks on the roof of the Moogle shop in the center of the town.

KH3 Twilight Town 3.jpg

4. Find the hidden open-air theater down the alley on the edge of town and wait for the movie to end before snapping the emblem located on the projector screen.

KH3 Twilight Town 4.jpg

5. Climb the building opposite the entrance to the theater and look to the area below to find the emblem in the shape of dinner plates set out on a table.

KH3 Twilight Town 5.jpg

6. Climb the wall next to the hatch leading into the sewers and locate the emblem on the ledge above.

KH3 Twilight Town 6.jpg

7. As you head from the sewer hatch to the mansion, hug the right edge of the wooded area and you can find the emblem on the side of a large mound of dirt.

KH3 Twilight Town 7.jpg

8. On the outer wall outside the entrance of the Old Mansion.

KH3 Twilight Town 8.png

9. On the right door of the hatch that exits the forest leading back to Twilight Town.

KH3 Twilight Town 9.jpg

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