Kingdom Hearts III Lucky Emblem Location Guide

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Toy Box

1. Inside Andy’s room, located on the shelves on a small box next to the bucket of soldiers.

KH3 Toy Story 1.jpg

2. Located in the bottom corner of the rooftop outside of the window from Andy’s room.

KH3 Toy Story 2.jpg

3. Found on the pathway leading from the front door of Andy’s house, created by a trail of small leaves on the floor.

KH3 Toy Story 3.jpg

4. Found on the back of the silver car across the road on Andy’s house.

KH3 Toy Story 4.jpg

5. Look to the left of the entrance of the store to find a stack of cardboard boxes sitting outside with stickers on. The lucky emblem can be found here in the form of the “out now” stickers.

KH3 Toy Story 5.jpg

6. This emblem is made up of rolls of tape hanging on the wall behind the checkout counters on the ground floor.

KH3 Toy Story 6.jpg

7. Grab one of the nearby Gigas on the ground floor and shoot the freestanding Gigas. display at the back of the store to reveal the emblem hiding on the base of the display.

KH3 Toy Story 7.jpg

8. Head to the front of the Babies and Toddlers store on the third floor and jump over the balcony onto the suspended UFO to find the emblem on the hatch.

KH3 Toy Story 8.jpg

9. After you exit the vent into the dolls shop, jump over to the first display case in the center of the room and align the glittery balls suspended across the other side of the store to form the lucky emblem.

KH3 Toy Story 9.jpg

10. Found in the lower vents. After landing in the lower of the duct passages at the first fan, turn around to see the emblem on the opposite wall.

KH3 Toy Story 10.jpg

11. 3rd floor of the toy store at the base of the robot statue opposite the save point and store.

KH3 Toy Story 11.jpg


1. Climb to the top of the tower in the forest zone to find the emblem below made up of rocks near the waterfall.

KH3 Corona 1.jpg

2. Enter the Marsh zone and hug the wall on the right until you come close to the hill that exits the swamp. The emblem can be found on a rock wall in one of the nearby areas next to a dead tree.

KH3 Corona 2.jpg

3. Found on a barrel inside the caves you pass through when using Rapunzel’s hair to swing across several gaps.

KH3 Corona 3.jpg

4. Located on the end of the stone wall at the start of the bridge leading from the forest to the kingdom zone.

KH3 Corona 4.jpg

5. Found on the left of the archway leading into the main plaza at the center of the town

KH3 Corona 5.jpg

6. As soon as you enter the kingdom area, exit the starting bridge and take a left, heading down towards the pier. Take a left at the bottom and look at the barrels and boxes up against the wall to find an emblem-shaped barrel.

KH3 Corona 6.jpg

7. Found on the doorway of a small tower on the docks area, located near the bridge that leads over towards the lighthouse.

KH3 Corona 7.jpg

8. Inside the fire pit at the top of the lighthouse in the kingdom area.

KH3 Corona 8.jpg

9. Found on the large double wooden doors at the top of the spiral ramp that leads up from the waterfront into the main plaza.

KH3 Corona 9.jpg

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