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100 Acre Wood

1. Inside the bucket next to the washing line at the homestead where you arrive in the world.

KH3 100 Acre 1.jpg

2. On the side of the large pumpkin behind where Rabbit stands.

KH3 100 Acre 2.jpg

3. Stand on the bridge and look past the flower garden to see this emblem off in the distance.

KH3 100 Acre 3.jpg

The Caribbean

1. On the tip of a nearby rowing boat at the Docks save point in Port Royale.

KH3 Pirates 1.jpg

2. Starting at the Port Royale Docks save point, exit the docks and take a left, following the edge of the coast all the way down until you reach the end where you should find a building with crates under it. Smash the closest yellow crate and you should reveal an emblem in the form of cracks in the nearby pillar.

KH3 Pirates 2.jpg

3. Head to the Settlement save point in Port Royale and immediately turn around, heading down the stairs that lead back to the beach. From here jump over the wall and enter the bare hut on the beach to find the emblem in the form of light be cast through the roof against some boxes.

KH3 Pirates 3.jpg

4. Head to the pier on the beach near the Settlement Save point in Port Royale to find this emblem hanging on the back of the wooden archway connecting the dock to the stone floor.

KH3 Pirates 4.jpg

5. On the ball and chain inside the prison under the fort in Port Royale.

KH3 Pirates 5.jpg

6. Head to the top of the fort in Port Royale where the flag is and lock down towards the nearby canons to see the emblem in the form of some piled up rope.

KH3 Pirates 6.jpg

7. Sail over to the Isla Verdemontana and head up the cliffs of the island to find this emblem hidden under the nearby ocean currents in the form of a large rock formation.

KH3 Pirates 7.jpg

8. Locate the Isle of Luck and climb the small rock tower on the beach to find the emblem below.

KH3 Pirates 8.jpg

9. This emblem can be found inside the base of the large rock archway on Horseshoe Island.

KH3 Pirates 9.jpg

10. Located on a tiny island off the west coast of the Isla de los Mastiles, this emblem takes the form of a pile of broken barrels buried in the beach sand.

KH3 Pirates 10.jpg

11. Head to Ship’s End Island and find the back half of a broken ship sticking out of the ocean. The emblem is located on the deck of the broken ship.

KH3 Pirates 11.jpg

12. Head to Sandbar Isle and climb up the rock pillars to the upper part of the island to locate the hidden pool at the center. From here, you should be able to see a nearby cave entrance in the shape of a lucky emblem.

KH3 Pirates 12.jpg

13. In the same area as the previous emblem, but this time the emblem is on the top of one of the rocky pillars in the pool, facing upwards towards the way you came in.

KH3 Pirates 13.jpg

San Fransokyo

1. Found on the wall inside Hiro’s Garage, made out of coils of wire.

KH3 San Fransokyo 1.jpg

2. From the South District save point, climb up to the top of the giant chef statue and locate the emblem on the ground below.

KH3 San Fransokyo 2.jpg

3. To find this emblem you’ll need to go to the South District Night save point, then immediately turn around and scale the building behind you. Once you get to the top look across to the opposite building with the giant “M” on it to see the emblem cast as a spotlight onto the Tsukiji billboard.

KH3 San Fransokyo 3.jpg

4. Jump across to the building with the giant “M” on it and scale up towards the base of the red antenna. Once you get here, look across to the opposite building with the statues on the roof to find the emblem on one of the stone fans.

KH3 San Fransokyo 4.jpg

5. From the top of the same building, head north until you locate the San Fransokyo Tribune building. The next emblem is located on the smaller building opposite the raised highway. The emblem itself can be found on the side of the small glass dome on the top of the building.

KH3 San Fransokyo 5.jpg

6. Located on the top of the large building covered in blue neon lights that is flanked by several hovering fans. The emblem can be found at the very top on the floor in front of one of the green air ducts.

KH3 San Fransokyo 6.jpg

7. Located on top of the fish-themed hovering fan in the sky directly above the North District save point.

KH3 San Fransokyo 7.jpg

8. Locate the patch of grass and trees near the North District save point and follow it north, sticking to the right side that runs parallel to the nearby road. When the park comes to an end you will see a set of tiered stairs leading up, and the emblem can be found sprayed across the second tier of steps.

KH3 San Fransokyo 8.jpg

9. Inside the small railway tunnel in the north district of the city. The emblem is a light cast on the wall.

KH3 San Fransokyo 9.jpg

10. Found on the yellow car at ground level just outside of the railway tunnel where the last emblem was located.

KH3 San Fransokyo 10.jpg

11. This emblem can be found on the very top of the antenna of the building that has the railway tunnel going through it, located in the North District.

KH3 San Fransokyo 11.jpg

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