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Mara Wilson
Role: Waitress
Episode: “Burning Bridges” (3.08)

Mara Wilson Broad City.png
What better way to pay homage to the infamous duel-dining scene in Mrs. Doubtfire— here, Abbi attempts to have both a date with coworker Trey (Paul W. Downs) and join Ilana’s family for dinner—than to cast an actor from Mrs. Doubtfire in the scene. Actress and author Mara Wilson, who played the youngest child in the Robin Williams movie, guest stars as a waitress at the restaurant where this hilarity ensues.

Seth Green, Adam Levine, Tymberlee Hill, Tracee Ellis Ross
Roles: Jews and/or people involved with airline travel
Episode: “Jews on a Plane” (3.10)

There is so much meta in this bottle episode, which finds Abbi and Ilana on a mad hunt for a tampon while flying to Israel as part of the “Birthmark” program. (It promotes the “reproductive future” of the Jewish community, down to seat assignments designated by chances of procreation.) Green plays Jared, the group’s tour director, complete with a blue-and-white yarmulke and long red ponytail. Hill and Ellis Ross play eavesdropping flight attendants who mistake the girls’ strategy to seek out some proper feminine hygiene for a terrorism plot. And Levine? Check the seatbacks to see him singing the airline’s in-flight safety video. As a graduate of the actual Birthright program, which takes Jewish young adults to the Holy Land à la what Abbi calls “Africa for Jews,” I feel seen.

Constance Shulman
Role: Oda
Episode: “Sliding Doors” (4.01)

Constance Shulman Broad City.png
The Season Four premiere of Broad City also served as an Abbi and Ilana origin story, going back to 2011 and the innocent times of the Obama administration. (The series’ fourth season was its first to air since President Trump’s election, and inaugurated the practice of bleeping his name like a curse word.) The episode also plays on the “what-if” idea popularized by the Gwyneth Paltrow movie that inspired the episode title. In an alternate world, the girls see a psychic played by Orange is the New Black actress Shulman on the day they meet. She tells them that they may be new friends, but that they’re both going to die that day.

Shania Twain
Role: Herself
Episode: “Twaining Day” (4.02)

Sometimes you tell a lie for so long that it’s bound to come true. Or at least that’s what happened with Abbi, who leaves her new sounds-good-on-paper job as an assistant at a graphic design firm (and a boss played by Wanda Sykes!) to pick up a package at her former employer, Soulstice. That’s when she gets to live out her life-long dream of training the incomparable Twain (an event she’d been telling people had already happened).

Meanwhile, Ilana gets a waiting job at one of those restaurants that’s successful simply because it’s good at making guests feel like they’re not really cool enough to be there. Naturally, RuPaul plays the maître d’, Marcel, and Sandra Bernhard plays her judgmental coworker, Brenda.

Peri Gilpin
Role: Joanne
Episode: “Abbi’s Mom” (4.05)

As if Tony Danza guest-starring as Abbi’s dad in the third season wasn’t a big enough get, here’s Fraiser alum Gilpin as her smokin’ mom who’s looking for a “naughty girls night out” after a cancer scare. It’s actually a great episode about mortality and seeing your parents as human beings (plus, RuPaul gets more screen time as Ilana’s boss).

Jane Curtin
Role: Margo
Episode: “Witches” (4.06)

Abbi may be feeling old after finding a gray hair, but a fellow street artist outside the Met eventually teaches her to embrace aging even as she seems to transform before Abbi’s very eyes. There’s no denying that Margo and Abbi share a love for the same type of Tupperware, rolling carts, soup Thermoses—but as it turns out, they also like dancing by the light of the moon.

Steve Buscemi
Role: Mugger
Episode: “Bedbugs” (4.09)

Steve Buscemi Broad City.jpg
Sure, Buscemi’s unnamed mugger may be forcing Abbi to the bodega ATM at gunpoint, but he’ll have you know that he has a license to carry. He also offers her some solid financial advice about living within her means. You know, in case she’s ever in an emergency situation… like a mugging.

Other important roles in this episode: Widows actress Cynthia Erivo as Lisa, Abbi’s new boss at Anthropologie, and Zephyr Ingle as Massouma, the convenience store employee who scares away the mugger even if Abbi hasn’t bothered to learn her name no matter how much she frequents her shop.

Denis O’Hare
Role: Terry Hudson
Episode: “Friendiversary” (4.10)

Denis OHare Broad City.png
Can’t a man take his sex doll to get repaired after some balcony lovemaking gone awry without the whole of New York finding out? Apparently not when Abbi and Ilana and their thirsts for danger spot him. At least he got to enjoy some birthday cake!

Clea DuVall
Role: Lesley Marnel
Episode: “Artsy Fartsy” (5.05)

This episode was a major turning point for Abbi. Not only did she conquer her imposter syndrome and explore the posh art world that she’d only previously experienced from behind a caterer’s passed cheese platter. But just like real-life Jacobson, Abbi also surprises herself and realizes she might have feelings for another woman—in this case, an ER doctor played by Veep’s Clea DuVall.

Another fun appearance in this episode: Frequent Broad City writer-director Lucia Aniello as Abbi’s art-school friend, “Smelly Pussy” Donna Donatachi.

Jerry Adler
Role: Saul Borowitz
Episode: “Lost and Found” (5.06)

Jerry Adler broad City.jpg
As Ilana’s distant cousin who also happens to be a Holocaust survivor, the Sopranos alum offers this bit of advice to Jews of a younger generation: “Never forget. But also, don’t remind me.” Other well-placed cameos in this episode include Alan Cumming, who emceed at the drag brunch where the girls drag Saul, plus D.J. ‘Shangela’ Pierce, Sasha Velour and Bianca Castro, who work the brunch.

Yamaneika Saunders
Role: Yamaneika
Episode: “Sleep No More” (5.08)

Yamaneika Saunders Broad City.png
Who better than this up-and-coming comedian to be Ilana’s first choice for a new roommate? (and by first choice, we mean first choice after Abbi turns her down). Bonus points that her Great Danes are named Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

The series finale of Broad City airs Thursday, March 28 at 10 p.m. on Comedy Central.

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