Top 2020 Democrats All Beat out Trump in Hypothetical Head-To-Heads in New Poll

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Top 2020 Democrats All Beat out Trump in Hypothetical Head-To-Heads in New Poll

A new poll is giving Democrats a lot to be excited about.

The top Democratic candidates in the running right now each beat out President Donald Trump in national head-to-head matches, according to a new Quinnipiac University poll.

Former VP Joe Biden leads the pack with the biggest advantage over Trump with the general election still more than a year away.

While 53% of voters said they would support Biden, only 40% said they would support Trump, giving the former Delaware Senator the clear advantage.

Biden and Trump have already gone head-to-head in side-by-side events in Iowa on Tuesday, during which both insulted one another, with Biden calling Trump “a genuine threat to American democracy” and Trump oh-so-eloquently calling Biden a “dummy.”

In the Trump-Biden matchup, women back Biden 60% to 34%, while men are much more divided, with 47% for Biden and 46% for Trump.

White voters are also clearly divided and show a slight lead for Trump with 47% supporting Trump and 46% Biden.

“Former Vice President Joseph Biden and other Democratic contenders would beat the president if the election were held today,” Tim Mallow, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said in a statement.

While the gap shrinks, Senator Bernie Sanders still has a small but clear nine-point advantage over Trump, while Senators Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are up eight and seven percentage points, respectively.

Things are less clear for Senator Cory Booker and Mayor Pete Buttigieg, who each only lead Trump by five points each.

Among independents, Biden holds a steady 30-point lead over Trump with 58% of independents backing him and only 28% supporting Trump.

On the flip side, in the Trump vs. Warren matchup, independents surprisingly voted 34% against Warren.

Biden’s advantage over Trump has increased since Quinnipiac’s 2015 poll, in which 49% supported Biden and 37% supported Trump. The same is true for Sanders, who’s improved from 44% to Trump’s 41% in 2015 to 51% to Trump’s 42% now.

A Quinnipiac survey in Pennsylvania last month also showed Biden with a 11 percentage point lead over Trump.

In 2016, Trump narrowly captured Pennsylvania, which is among the Rust Belt states that, along with Michigan and Wisconsin, formed the traditional Democratic “blue wall.” Things are looking up for Democrats in Pennsylvania.

The survey also offers more than head-to-head battles: It also has a new approval rating for Trump, a bump up to 42%, just one percentage point shy of the best approval rating ever for Trump in a Quinnipiac survey.

And while 70% of respondents said the country’s economy is “excellent” or “good,” only 41% credit the president for its economic improvement.

While primary season is off to the races and campaigning has already begun, it’s hard to foretell what 2020 will hold quite yet. While a snapshot of views at this time, the poll likely isn’t a clear predictor of the future, especially with an estimated 4-7% of registered voters unsure about who they would vote for.

Compare the numbers side-by-side below.

Joe Biden ahead over Donald Trump 53 – 40
Bernie Sanders ahead over Donald Trump 51 – 42
Kamala Harris ahead over Trump 49 – 41
Elizabeth Warren ahead over Trump 49 – 42
Pete Buttigieg ahead over Trump 47 – 42
Cory Booker ahead over Trump 47 – 42

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