Bad Suns

Mar 11, 2014 Good Danny's, Austin, TX

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:05
  2. Salt 03:39
  3. Cardiac Arrest 03:00
  4. Twenty Years 02:40
  5. Transpose 04:09
Bad Suns

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Grant Johnson at Good Danny's, Austin, Texas

It's tempting, on a day like the one outside the window (picture something cobalt blue and dreamy, spring warm, the grass starting to look like grass rather than ashen refuse), to just let your head blow. You feel it almost necessary to just wander and try to make time stand. You feel that the spring in your step might be bouncing back. It's easy to feel more like yourself all of a sudden, even if the heels of your shoes still bear the the trace remnants of ice melt salt, crusted white and circling like tree rings. You're airing everything out and getting the grime off the sidewalk and the windows, ready to bring the asthmatic air into your home, caring less what it will do to your sinuses.

Bad Suns, a band from Woodland Hills, California, sings, "How did I get here?" on the song, "Twenty Years," and while it's a song about being dumbfounded about how aging sneaks up on people so aggressively, but it could just as easily apply to something like today, where you can be shocked to experience such natural glory. Bad Suns music, while more about the tumult of keeping in the right frame of mind, of being clear and keeping all the damaging emotions in-check, is also about letting the best energy stir you and sweep you away. It's the caress that you're always hoping for.

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