Benny Yurco

Sep 7, 2012 Daytrotter Studio, Rock Island, IL

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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter 00:05
  2. Probable Cause 03:34
  3. This Is A Future 03:30
  4. Do No Wrong 04:20
Benny Yurco

Words by Sean Moeller, Illustration by Johnnie Cluney, Recording engineered by Mike Gentry

The people that Benny Yurco writes into his songs are those who aren't concerned with figuring out who they are. They're not still looking. They've seen themselves in the mirror many times. They've experienced the various ways that their reactions work. They know how they are with people. They've been places and they've done things. They've consulted their insides and they've drum up what they feel might be their core. It's just that some of that core literally feels like an apple core that they don't want to hang onto any longer and they'd like to just get out of that hand that's quickly growing stickier by the minute. They'd like to just toss it out. It doesn't matter that they'll go back to the barrel another time and pluck another apple for another installment of the same thing. It's working that core down to the seeds and the stem that's actually very appealing - then it's off to another.

Yurco sings, "Just let me walk in your shoes/I feel it deep down in my soul/You say that you just can't relate/Trust me, I know," on his song, "This Is A Future," and we're faced with a couple of people who are caught up in the swirling winds of still not knowing what they want and still not knowing what kinds of connections they'd like to make with others. It could be easier for them, if they just wanted it to be, but they don't. They'll be head-shakers forever. They'll go through people to find their own chill. They'll pull people with them, thinking that the combination of souls could amount to the magic bullet they've been looking for. They'll find that there's no easy answer to anything that has to do with happiness. Yurco sings, "You burned your bridge too many times to rebuild it/You could do no wrong," but even here, you sense that the bridge burner will get many more chances with a match and his kindling.

Still, through it all, these grooved out songs aren't full of outrageous events of shape-shifting or people abusing others for their own personal well-being. These are people attracted to that interesting witchcraft that everyone uses at some time or another to melt into something or someone else and just see what the scenery's like from there. Here, there's a lot of sand, umbrellas and forgiving moonlight coating the water and all skin.

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