Sundance 2013: Day One Recap - Robert Redford Interview

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Sundance 2013: Day One Recap - Robert Redford Interview

We eased into Sundance with just one film, but we did get a chance to talk to festival founder Robert Redford, who gave his perspective on how the festival has changed over the years without losing sight of its core mission—to help young filmmakers find an audience and connect with peers.

The film we saw, Crystal Fairy, featured Michael Cera as an American in Chile on a mission to expand his mind through psychedelic drugs, and it was pretty trippy. It was also the most atypical Cera role we’ve seen, miles away from sweet George Michael.

The highlight of the first night’s parties was meeting The Wire’s Isaiah Whitlock (Sen. Clay Davis). We resisted asking him to say “Sheeeeit!” His fourth trip to Sundance is in support of his latest film Newlyweeds.