The Hush Sound Gets Political

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Just in time for the Democratic National Convention, the indie-pop quartet “The Hush Sound” have released their own super-catchy Barack Obama campaign song.
    The group’s lead singer, Greta Salpeter says the song began as joke, which included the lyrics “We believe in Barack Obama;loves you and he loves your mama.” But the punch line slowly turned into a full-blown song, and Salpeter says she realized she wasn’t kidding anymore. “We’re actually pretty serious. He cares for people young and old, why not write a song about him?”  
    Despite their conviction, Greta and her co-writer Darren Wilson decided to keep things light, opting out of using a delivery featured in the wildly popular Obama tribute “Yes We Can”, and going for a Will Smith-inspired rap.  While it may never reach the viral success of the “Obama Girl”, Fall Out Boy has picked up the song for their Democratic National Convention Mixtape which is currently making the rounds in Denver.  So far, neither the Hush Sound, nor Fall Out Boy have given word on a possible follow-up release of a Joe Biden tribute song.

Click Above to watch "We Believe (In Barack Obama)"