Free MP3:The Paper Raincoat - "Rough Cut"

Music Audio The Paper Raincoat
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If you didn't already know, we really like The Paper Raincoat. That's why we have partnered with the band, to stream their record, and each week we'll give away a different track from their self-titled record. Click the image to hear this week's track, "Rough Cut." If you like it (and we think you will) click "download track" and it's yours for keeps.
Check back next week for a new free download from the record, and if you have missed any of the previous weeks, they're still available for free download.
If giving away their entire album wasn't nice enough, each week during the album giveaway, Alex and Amber from the band also select a free mp3 from another band they like. This week's selection is Julie Peel's song "Living In A  Movie," and it's available here.