Exclusive Album Stream: David Ramirez's Strange Town

Music Audio David Ramirez
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David Ramirez is on a mission to play until he dies. Like most musicians, the Austin-based singer-songwriter got the itch to become a musician while "initially just wanting to be a writer." His ambition led him to Nashville, the mecca of aspiring songwriters. After getting handed one too many disappointments in Music City, Ramirez decided it was time to leave. But instead of packing his things, heading home and folding on his career, he raised the stakes. "In May of 2008, I sold all of my belongings, I jumped in the car, and I hit the road," Ramirez recalls. "A month and a half in, I was obsessed."

Ramirez's determination to keep making music is given voice on his new EP's opening track, "Wandering Man," a song that seems to encapsulate his modus operandi for making music. When he ran out of money while in Alabama, Ramirez began working to save up enough cash to keep touring, and in the process he recorded his first EP, Birmingham, with local musician, Chris Weninegar. 

After earning enough to leave Birmingham, Ramirez eventually moved to Austin. Since then, things have gotten a little easier for for the Spartan songster. His stellar new EP, Strange Town, is scheduled for a March 5 release, and Ramirez has a couple of shows scheduled with The Civil Wars. While things look promising for him, Ramirez says he'll be playing no matter what happens next. "I won't ever leave this, whether I make it or not."

Click the image to stream Strange Town in its entirety.