Album Stream: Art Brut - Brilliant! Tragic!

Music Audio Art Brut
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Art Brut is not a complex group at first glance. Their music resonates as simple, charismatic and infectious, writing song after song of witty, in-your-face punk. But there’s a sense of genius in the way the group infuses their music with irresistible charm and ingenuity. It’s an exercise that art-punk outfit has seemingly perfected over the course of their first three records. While the English punk group still manages to rock out in usual fashion on their latest record Brilliant! Tragic!, they allow their songs to breathe more this time around, emphasizing their clever lyrics as well as taking on some slightly more serious topics.

“With the writing for the last album I really enjoyed writing about Mundane things trying to make them exciting,” frontman Eddie Argos explains. “There were songs about riding buses, summer jobs and having songs trapped in your head. This time the album is more about how I think I’m psychic, songs for my funeral, the principality of Sealand and Axl Rose. Weightier topics I think.”

Brilliant! Tragic!, which will be out in stores on May 24 via Cooking Vinyl, can be streamed up until the release date on Paste’s website. Click the album artwork to hear the group’s latest record.

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