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For Portugal. The Man, producing their forthcoming album In the Mountain In the Cloud was no easy task. According to frontman John Gourley, the band had some serious difficulties getting together to produce the record.

“It was honestly a mess, it was just a total mess,” Gourley explains. “The band wasn’t communicating and I wasn’t expecting that to come right away. But we were just in and out of the studio, whoever was working, we’d work for hours but it was just pretty much one person at a time and we weren’t really talking about it. It wasn’t because we hated each other or anything, it’s just we hang out everyday. It just got to that point where we needed some space.”

Coming from a member of a band which created their last release American Ghetto in just 10 days, the struggle in the studio came as a definite switch in momentum. From great conflict came serious progress, as the band regrouped to produce what is now In the Mountain In the Cloud—a seamless and innovative release from a group who has put out an album every year for the past five years. It transitions through dreamy tracks like “Sleep Forever” into catchy rock numbers such as “Got It All (This Can’t Be Living Now),” continuing to show that no matter how much material they put out or how much trouble they have, Portugal. The Man can still break musical boundaries with every release.

Listen to In The Mountain In The Cloud a week before it comes out in stores via the player below.

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