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You all know the drill with SXSW. Between the official showcases and the unofficial day parties, thousands of bands head down to Austin, Texas every year for the weeklong festival hoping to be heard, seen and remembered. For attendees, it’s music overload—you may see 20 or 30 acts over the span of several days. I saw 100 acts this year at SXSW. In doing so, each band increasingly blurred together with those that came before and after. Three months later, it’s difficult to name each band I saw. There’s a few bands, however, that catch you off guard just enough that you can’t forget them. MyNameIsJohnMichael was one of those groups.

Like their name, which includes five words packed into one single-word title, this New Orleans-based rock ensemble packs a punch that can’t be ignored. Carrying the name of frontman John Michael Rouchell, this seven-piece outfit combines a vibrant blend of indie-rock infectious and a Louisiana-inspired brass bombast that speaks to their local roots. Check out five songs from MyNameIsJohnMichael, including a Cajun-laced cover of Cults’ “Go Outside.”

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