Album Stream: Jonny Corndawg - Down on the Bikini Line

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Though Jonny Corndawg can be classified as a country-rock musician, his lyrics expose another side to the traditional country song. The title of his latest album alone, Down on the Bikini Line, hints at what’s in store for listeners on his newest effort.

Down on the Bikini Line has the classic country guitar sound that is expected of a traditional country-rocker, but Corndawg’s lyrics and vocals are what take his music to another level. “Shaved Like a Razor” provides the album title and twists the typical song about a man’s troubles with women. The album’s longest song, coming in just under four minutes, “Night Rider” is an upbeat ballad to late night truck drivers. But unarguably, the most ear-pleasing track is “Silver Panty Liners” with its a cappella harmonizing about… well, just listen.

Corndawg has performed alongside some big names during the past year, including Deer Tick, Middle Brother and Ween’s lead vocalist Gene Ween. Sean Dunne recently directed a short documentary about Corndawg, which can be viewed here. The album is due out August 30, but you can listen to it all this week via the player below.

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