Video Premiere: Mason Jennings - "Bitter Heart"

Music Video Mason Jennings
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With his new album Minnesota on the horizon, Mason Jennings has decided to release a series of music videos for several of his new songs. For the next several Thursdays, we’ll be premiering a new video from his forthcoming LP.

The first video is for “Bitter Heart” and was directed by Andre Durand, who has also made videos for Bon Iver and Tapes ‘N’ Tapes. Here’s what Jennings had to say about it:

“I met with Andre and right away I knew this is someone who understands and has a style all his own but at the same time fits really well with the songs on Minnesota. While he was working on the treatment for the official video for “Raindrops On The Kitchen Floor” he came up with an idea for Bitter Heart too. His idea was to shoot it with his digital cameras set up right behind old cameras’ viewfinders. I love the way it turned out because you get to see through the eyes of a photographer 60 years ago. I also am really happy Andre asked me to perform the song live because the video is now its own thing in every aspect.”

Watch the “Bitter Heart” video below and check back next week for another Mason Jennings music video.

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