Album Stream: Van Hunt - What Were You Hoping For?

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Van Hunt had to get over a huge setback in 2007: His label wouldn’t release his album. Popular, the funk/punk’s third album, barely got any exposure until the it hit the internet.

“They did such a disservice to themselves and their company, to me and my work, and ultimately to the people who would’ve enjoyed my music,” Hunt said in a press release. “If they had just allowed me to grow into my own thing, everything would’ve been fine.”

In 2007, Hunt found the desire to make music after relocating from Atlanta to L.A. and taking up photography. Recently, he put together a new band whose attitude reflects his recent influence drawn from the likes of seventies icons including Curtis Mayfield and Iggy Pop.

“These folks [in the seventies], it didn’t matter if they were good musicians or not, because they brought this kind of intelligence along with the rawness,” Hunt said. “It was really bold. They just didn’t give a shit. I was like, that’s the attitude that I’m feeling right now.”

You can take a listen to the result of the Grammy Award-winning songwriter’s return to music, the eclectic and heavy-hitting What Were You Hoping For?, which feature tracks that recall The Idiot-era Iggy Pop if he had funkier, wah-heavy guitars.

“I feel like I’ve finally shed the music that I grew up with,” Hunt said about the album. “I made a record that doesn’t sound like anything I’ve heard before.”

“I’m really excited about this record,” he continues. “I love the way it sounds.  I’m nervous about the way it’ll be received, even by big Van Hunt fans, and I think that’s good.  I want the record to be disruptive.”

What Were You Hoping For? is out Sept. 27 on Thirty Tigers/godless-hotspot.

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