Album Stream: Still Corners - Creatures Of An Hour

Music Audio Still Corners
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Still Corners possess an expansive, ghostly sound similar to the likes of The xx and Beach House, though not as gloomy as the former or as endearing as the latter. Indeed, the London-based four-piece walk a careful line between hope and melancholy, driven by waves of swirling, reverberated guitars; clipped, bouncy bass lines and vocalist Tessa Murray’s wispy, feather-light vocal style. The airy quality of her voice lends Still Corners an intimate side, making this far from party music: It’s an atmosphere to immerse oneself into on a quiet night.

On Creatures Of An Hour, Still Corners’ debut album, the band displays its knack for the aforementioned atmospherics and for succinct indie-pop songwriting, but they’re unafraid to mix in other elements, evidenced by the utterly spooky waltz of “Velveteen” and the krautrock-style propulsion of “Submarine.”

Check out Creatures Of An Hour, now streaming in full on our website this week.

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