Album Stream: Jonathan Coulton - Artificial Heart

Music Audio Jonathan Coulton
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Jonathan Coulton’s latest record Artificial Heart, out Nov. 8 in retail stores, was a step into the new in a number of ways. Not only was it Coulton’s first time working with a producer or in a studio other than his home, but it was his first time writing and recording with a full band. In the past, anything beyond Coulton’s guitar felt more like an afterthought, simply adding additional layers to a completed acoustic song. Now the band fits together as if they were cut from the same board.

“We very much tried to let the songs bloom into whatever they wanted to be in the studio,” Coulton says. The songs still stem from guitar and vocal demos, but giving them to someone else meant they got the fresh-eyed treatment, a process they were better for in the end.

Read Bo Moore’s recent feature on Jonathan Coulton, and exclusively listen to his album, streaming in the player below.

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