Album Stream: Harriet - Tell the Right Story

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For Harriet’s Alex Casnoff, formerly the pianist for PAPA and Dawes, it wasn’t an album, poetry or even music that inspired his band’s debut EP, Tell the Right Story. Instead, Casnoff drew from directors and screenwriters for the songs that would end up on the disc:

“I think I’m a musician and a songwriter because that’s what I’ve been doing my whole life, but I think my first love is the movies,” Casnoff told Paste. “In terms of songwriting, I think I’m extremely influenced by screenwriters and dialogue almost more than poetry. I think I like music that, when you’re driving, makes you feel like you’re part of something bigger than the drive.”

The result is Tell the Right Story, an EP filled with epic and cinematic songs in their own right. The EP includes the band’s first single, the tongue-in-cheek break-up rocker “I Slept With All Your Mothers,” which isn’t exactly as mean as you might initially think.

“(The song title was based on) an emotion I was feeling, but it was a complicated emotion,” Casnoff said. “It was sadness and anger and guilt and all of these things at once that are sort of associated with breakups. It’s basically something that you say that you don’t necessarily mean but you feel.”

Although the EP isn’t available for another week, you can take a listen to it here. Also, check out our Q and A with Casnoff here. Starting on January 31, you can also download the entire EP for free at

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