Album Stream: Joseph Arthur - Redemption City

Music Audio Joseph Arthur
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Joseph Arthur  surprised a few people with the sudden release of his double album, Redemption City, but the songwriter noted that’s no reason to dismiss it:

“Please don’t take the method or the freedom of this release to be any judgment on its value,” Arthur said in a note that was released with the album. “I think it’s top notch, but it’s great to take advantage of what the internet is actually good at — IMMEDIACY.”

The album was inspired by its title, which came at a friend’s suggestion years before Arthur started working on the album. Arthur said he recorded the album in a studio he built in Brooklyn with the help of Matt Becker, and “played all the things that make all the noise, drums, bass, synths and guitars, produced it mixed it, you name it.”

The double album is 24 tracks long, bookended by two songs titled “Travel as Equals,” with the final track acting as a reprise. The first part of the album Arthur considers “complete as a record” and can be listened to alone for those who “are generally against the idea of an artist making a double record.” The second part Arthur considers “the deep cuts,” or tracks that wouldn’t have seen the light of day otherwise.

Aside from listening to the album here, you can download Arthur’s Redemption City for free at his website, where you can also order a limited-edition vinyl version.

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