Video Premiere: Mirel Wagner - "No Death"

Music Video
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One day 23-year-old Mirel Wagner is in Helsinki performing at an open mic session, the next she’s discovered by happenstance after an American journalist witnessed her perform live. The admiration extends so much in fact, the whole event comes to a head when Wagner finds herself in a recording studio without ever having looked for one.

Her self-titled debut album Mirel Wagner first released on Finland’s Kioski Records and then Europe’s Bone Voyage, she’s now seeing a wider release to North America through Friendly Fires Recordings.

Wagner’s record is stylistically minimal, but her impact is not—her gloomy folk haunts. The lyrics are particularly fragile, yet her voice is as tender as a creature yearning for some lasting desire.

The video “No Death” from Mirel Wagner is riveting. The screen opens to a stoic Wagner finger picking in a dim room. With an oozing voice she hazily recites lyrics of decomposition and yet, her songbird chorus is fruitful as she sings, “no death can tear us apart, no death can tear us apart.”

Mirel Wagner will be released March 27. Check out her video below.

1. To The Bone
2. The Well
3. No Death
4. No Hands
5. Red
6. Despair
7. Joe
8. Dream
9. The Road