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In less than one week, The Honeydogs wrote and recorded the stripped-down tracks for their forthcoming full-length album, What Comes After. The Minnesota group has been together for over 18 years, fostering 10 albums, raising children and handling all the other things that come with life over a two-decade period.

What Comes After, their first full-length effort since 2006, is a work of lyrical synchronicity. The album’s name alludes to several meanings—is this a question that is rhetorical or perhaps one of magnitude? Is it a statement or a comment on conditions? The titles evokes mysticism, a key element over the record’s 10 tracks.

“Particles or Waves” starts off the album’s self-consciousness—a blend of Americana, ragtime and roots which blares through their horns, choruses and keys. “Broke It, Buy It” creates recalls jazz-pop with a funk bass line and trumpets to accompany the lyrics, “we’re broken, we’re buying.” The piano-led track “What Comes After” is accompanied by lead female vocals, a lucid flute solo and a drum interlude building up to lyrics that promise, “it ain’t about what we know, it’s all about what comes after.”

That beautiful self-awareness comes blaring through The Honeydogs, who appear to understand the power of words, the work of fingerpicking and the roots of American music. The Honeydogs forthcoming record What Comes After drops March 6. We invite you to listen to their full album stream below.

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