Song Premiere: JBM - "Only Now"

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JBM is the brainchild of Jesse Marchant. The experimental-loops-meets-drums melodies off his forthcoming album Stray Ashes has the atmospheric understanding of M83 with the grace of Justin Vernon’s solidified vocals.

The sonic blanket of the albums single “Only Now” hovers like a ghost, sounding lushly evocative while remaining grounded. The tune slowly progresses, feeling so calculated it feels innate, as if it always just was.

In the middle of “Only Now,” Marchant unabashedly cries, “Mother, is this how we lie? Alone in our frozen beds. I am only now, and a long way out. Don’t you feel it now more than ever?” The climatic vocals expands, before quickly subsiding into a placid melody.

Last winter Marchant was joined by John Congleton, McKenzie Smith (Midlake) and Macey Taylor (A.A. Bondy) to created the wonderment they call Stray Ashes. JBM will be touring with Damien Jurado this spring. The album drops May 22 via Western Vinyl. Check out “Only Now” below—you will be gratified you did.