Video Premiere: Rhett Miller - "Tower of Song"

Music Video Rhett Miller
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Old 97’s frontman Rhett Miller has been enlisted for Columbia Records’ newest endeavor. The label has created a cover series entitled Old Ideas With New Friends in honor of Cohen, as he remains one of the most influential pioneers in songwriting.

Miller’s rendition of his personal favorite “Tower of Song” is a departure from the original sonorous tones of Cohen. While Cohen capitalizes in the virtues of the monotone, sultry background vocals and gracious key arrangements, Miller puts an Americana spin on the song.

The acoustic cover is lively and inspired. Miller’s twang carries the tune into an enthused inhibitions-to-the-wind kind of dance. There’s no need for any other instrument other than the one Miller strokes away at.

Miller’s cover work never disappoints. The Interpreter became as relevant as the classics themselves.

Check out the cover of “Tower of Song” and be on the lookout for Columbia Records release of Old Ideas With New Friends.