Album Stream: Cowboy Junkies The Wilderness

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Cowboy Junkies forthcoming album The Wilderness finds the delicate balance between fragility and desperation. The album’s title is reminiscent of the records streaming themes: passion, substance and the meaning within truth, beauty and loneliness.

The Wilderness completes their four-CD collection The Nomad Series. The four releases are marked by an 18-month period and full 2012 U.S. tour. The Canadian quartet are a tenacious group—amid their four album releases they have plans for a book inspired by the nature and characters of the album series. Enrique Martinez Celaya’s, a Cuban-American artists who helped inspire the series with his Nomad paintings, plans to release the book as part of the box set in April.

In a press release, vocalist Margo Timmins explained the band’s motivation for taking on the intricate project. “The main reason for wanting to do it,” she says, “is that, as we steam through our twenty-fifth year, we feel that we have the energy and inspiration to pull it off!”

If you enjoy the folk tunes of Fleet Foxes and the somber quality Bon Iver brings, you’ll find The Wilderness alludes to a similar mindset of that self-awareness and genuine appreciation for life.

You can stream the full-length album below all this week.

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