Song Premiere: The Spring Standards - “Only Skin”

Music Audio The Spring Standards
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The lovely, soaring “Only Skin” opens The Spring Standards’ forthcoming release, yellow//gold. Comprised of two very different EPs, the yellow side is a seven-song collection that ventures through the depths of nostalgia by way of Heather Robb’s hushed vocals and soft melodies.

The flip side gold, however, takes a more up-tempo approach in its five-track compilation. As exemplified by James Cleare and James Smith’s edifying “Here We Go,” gold represents a more rollicking journey of youth.

The three members of The Spring Standards grew up along the Pennsylvania/Delaware border and began playing music together in 2008. Each person plays multiple instruments and sings and their upcoming album explores the range of such musical diversity.

The yellow//gold EPs will be released May 1 on Parachute Shooter Records. Listen to “Only Skin” below.

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