Album Stream: Alcoholic Faith Mission - Ask Me This

Music Audio Alcoholic Faith Mission
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With a moniker like Alcoholic Faith Mission, it would seem that the Danish sextet would have resurrected an anthem of indulgence, but instead the band reasoned that “alcohol was as necessary an elixir as religion is for the pious.” In this way, Alcoholic Faith Mission adopted their name.

Last winter, the group teamed up with producer Tom McFall (R.E.M, Weezer, Stars) to create Ask Me This. In support of the album, Alcoholic Faith Mission have kept themselves busy touring throughout Europe and the United States. Known for their gut-sodden music videos, collected in ruins of religious burials, conceptualized resurrections and existential theology, lead singer Thorben Seiero Jensen said, “nothing ever really changes.”

Alcoholic Faith Mission flows between streams of consciousness and ironic visions of authenticity in the face of real circumstances. Ask Me This comes out on May 1 via Old Flame Records—listen to the album now in the streaming player below.

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