Video Premiere: Angus Stone - "Bird on the Buffalo"

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The sibling duo of Angus & Julia Stone has fostered a commendable voice of restraint, one that’s left a lasting impression on many listeners. This year, Angus Stone will venture off on his own with his solo debut Broken Brights.

“I feel like it would be my most personal work to date,” he expressed in a press release. “I think I’m constantly introverting to that place, to that pocket I’ve always wanted to live inside amongst the songs & the tales that I’ve written. This album holds an essence that I’ve been searching for, for a long time.”

Broken Brights takes ownership of that attribute. The album’s single “Bird on the Buffalo” is a species of its own—one that juxtaposes an unlikely relationship between the bird and the buffalo, fueled by that synchronicity. While the two animals must collaborate to ensure mutual survival, the lyrics “we got together like the bird on the buffalo” describe a metaphor for a musing relationship between lovers. As the track unfolds, it bears a resonance incomparable to anything Angus has ever done.

Check out the video for “Bird on the Buffalo” below.

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