Album Stream: Parlovr - Kook Soul

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Parlovr might have started in 2006 with a bargain Kmart guitar, a two-piece drum kit and an unassuming keyboard, but it’s been a long time since then. The trio initially set out with a simple sound, but have fortified an emotive ballad of pop explosions.

The band’s latest release Kook Soul brings forth the sounds of a summer fling and tracks that act as youthful anthems.

Tracks like “General Hell (True Love Fades),” “Bad Faith” and “4000” bring back escalated, crunchy guitars that are seamlessly stacked. “You Only Want It ‘Cause You’re Lonely” slithers underneath your skin, oozing forth with the lyrics, “you only want it because you’re looney and you miss it, you’re never gonna get it back.”

Kook Soul might just be the sunny-day anthem you were looking for. The record isn’t in stores until next week, but until then you can take listen to the album in the streaming player below.

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