Album Stream: Ryan Monroe - A Painting of a Painting on Fire

Music Audio Ryan Monroe
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When Ryan Monroe set out to put his solo debut together, he had a lot of songs to choose from—more than 120, to be precise. A native Mississippian and multi-instrumentalist for Band of Horses since 2007, Monroe has been working on his own material for quite some time, even as his work with the band has taken center stage.

His solo debut, A Painting of a Painting on Fire, doesn’t sound much like anything Band of Horses has released so far. Instead, it’s a one man’s everything-but-the-kitchen-sink celebration. Monroe recorded every instrument on the album on his own, a pretty remarkable accomplishment when you hear how rich the sounds here are—xylophones, layered harmonies, keyboards, even synths.

A Painting of a Painting on Fire comes out on June 12, but you can stream the album in its entirety below.

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