Album Stream: Spirit Family Reunion - No Separation

Music Audio Spirit Family Reunion
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The old-timey outfit Spirit Family Reunion hardly sounds like a band from Brooklyn. A listen to their new album, however, evokes visions of a rootsy band stomping and clapping their way down dusty southern roads, with a set of spoons set to be broken out at any moment.

On No Separation, Spirit Family Reunion’s latest full-length release, the six-piece band joins the revival ranks alongside David Rawlings and the Felice Brothers to create 12 rousing bluegrass-based tunes. The band’s many instruments—including a fiddle, accordion, washboard and a five-string banjo—sound like they’re competing with each other, only to create a beautiful and raucous mess. Five of the band’s six members contribute vocals, remaining right in the thick of their song, dripping full of twang and harmony.

Spirit Family Reunion has just began to make a name for itself, having opened for the Alabama Shakes and Levon Helm. They are also slated to perform at this year’s Newport Folk Festival.

No Separation will be released June 15, but you can stream the entire album in the steaming player below.

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