Live From SXSW: Ben Kweller (Full Set)

Music Video SXSW
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It’s hard to believe Ben Kweller is only 30 years old, since he began playing in his band Radish back in 1993 and just released his fifth studio album, Go Fly a Kite. And how he manages to channel the Fab Four so adeptly on the album without sounding like a blatant ripoff artist is beyond me. There’s a certain threshold which separates inspiration from outright theft, and while he is safely on the inspiration side, he jokingly dangles his limbs over that line and feigns imbalance for a chuckle at our expense. Kweller infuses just enough smattering of cymbal-crashing alt-country to keep from sounding exactly like Paul McCartney fronting Fountains of Wayne. It’s spirited, energetic and competent power-pop.

Watch Ben Kweller at the Sennheiser & Paste Present the Stages on Sixth.