Video Premiere: Brandi Carlile - "That Wasn't Me" (Live at Bear Creek Studios)

Music Video Brandi Carlile
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“That Wasn’t Me,” a track off of Brandi Carlile’s forthcoming album Bear Creek, summons goosebumps upon listening to a stripped-down, haunting song. The Washington-based singer/songwriter calls it “a song that happened by accident, like all my favorite songs that I write do.” And what a happy accident it is.

Her full-bodied, mournful voice, combined with pleading questions like “Did I bring shame upon my family?” and “Do I make myself a blessing to everyone I meet?” set up a vulnerable, yet ultimately triumphant conversation about what’s to come in her future. Long-time collaborators Phil and Tim Hanseroth join Carlile on backup vocals, adding just the right layer of depth to a song that’s already cavernously deep. This all happens on the beautiful backdrop of Bear Creek Studios, nestled in the Pacific Northwest wilderness.

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