Video Premiere: Centro-Matic - "Against the Line"

Music Video Centro-Matic
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Last year, Texas experienced one of the hottest summers in its history. When the heat combined with a lack of rain, several wildfires broke out across the state. Most notably, a fire in Bastrop, a town just east of Austin, raged for days, scorching 34,000 acres and destroying over 550 homes. Several lives were also lost in the blaze.

To memorialize the victims, Denton-based rockers Centro-matic filmed a video for their song “Against the Line” amongst some of the fire’s debris. The video is meant to highlight the devastation the fire caused, but also to bring hope—it features a group of children cleaning up debris from a charred forest.

Centro-matic’s Will Johnson explains:

“The 2011 Bastrop County fires affected thousands of people, homes, pets and wildlife in an area very dear to my family and many of our friends. My wife, step-son and I lived out there for a time, and the Lost Pines State Park quickly became our common weekend destination; a place of sanctuary and inspiration. Our band held a couple of fundraisers in the aftermath of these devastating fires, but found that we also wanted to pay tribute in a more creative way. This video is our means of tribute to the area, its people, and the rebuilding efforts and signs of new life that are taking place in Bastrop County.”

Watch the video for “Against the Line” below: