Video Premiere: Dan Auerbach Talks About Hacienda

Music Video Dan Auerbach
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Dan Auerbach is what we’d call a man of many talents. Aside from fronting The Black Keys, he also produces his fair share of records. Most recently, he worked with Hacienda on their latest album, Shakedown.

In a recent video interview, Auerbach talked about his time spent with Hacienda—whose members him on his 2009 solo effort, Keep It Hid. His production goals were simple: get them to play as “live as possible” in a room. “They’re all really amazing musicians, and it’s really fun to work with them because of that,” said Auerbach. The entire album was recorded in only a week.

Auerbach also produced the band’s sophomore album, Big Red & Barbacoa back in 2010. Shakedown is the band’s third album. You can pick it up when it hits stores on June 19. Check out the full interview below.