Album Stream: Citizen Cope - One Lovely Day

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Citizen Cope’s latest was recorded in Brooklyn, N.Y.—but on first listen, you’d never guess it. His fifth full length One Lovely Day finds Clarence Greenwood in warmer places—like his homebases in Austin, Texas, or Greenville, Miss.

Over the past decade, Citizen Cope has been touring non-stop around the country, developing a unique brand of urban folk and building up a very dedicated fanbase. That dedicated following gave him the artistic freedom to cut loose from a major label back in 2009. He founded his own imprint, Rainwater Recordings, and released The Rainwater LP on his own terms. Fans with high expectations will find plenty to like on One Lovely Day—a collection of songs that reach for hopefulness even when the odds are down.

For example, the title track’s narrator asks a sad girl to dance by the river. On the bluesy “Southern Nights,” he waxes poetic about a small town sunset. As always, Citizen Cope’s lyrics capture photographic snapshots; but more than ever on One Lovely Day, his stories have happy endings.

Starting on Aug. 17, Cope sets out on a 47-date North American tour in support of the album. One Lovely Day doesn’t come until July 17, but you can stream the entire record in the player below.

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