Album Stream: David Ramirez - Apologies

Music Audio David Ramirez
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Austin-based singer/songwriter David Ramirez will be releasing a new full-length album, Apologies on Aug. 28. Though he has released a number of recordings over the past ten years, Apologies might be his most personal, affecting collection of songs to date. So much so that Ramirez even admits to feeling apprehensive about revealing so much of himself on the record.

“I’ve never been more personal with an album than I am with Apologies,” Ramirez says. “It’s easy to wear your heart on your sleeve with love or the lack there of because it’s such a relatable subject but diving into family, faith and personal struggle/regret was a bit more challenging for me. Some subjects don’t necessarily need to be shared through a CD player. I still have days where I fear I might have gone too far with Apologies. I fear I may have been too open.”

Listening to Apologies, one feels as if they are being given candid look at the most vulnerable parts of Ramirez’s soul. It’s country-tinged songs are almost alarmingly descriptive, with brutally honest lyrics that bring new meaning to some of life’s most difficult questions.

Apologies won’t be released officially until tomorrow, but you can listen to a sneak peak of the entire album below.

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