Album Stream: Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Sweat Like The Old Days

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Playing the same songs hundreds of times a year must become grating for any band, and few bands know this better than Holy Ghost Tent Revival, who play upwards of 300 shows each year. Luckily for their sanity as well as our listening pleasure, the Greensboro, N.C., indie rockers found enough time to record new album, Sweat Like The Old Days, the band’s third full-length effort since forming in 2008.

While Holy Ghost Tent Revival has progressed over the past half-decade from bluegrass-inflected folk to soul-inspired rock, they have maintained a rootsy sound brightened by warm swells of horns and rich harmonies. While the endless touring schedule may ultimately be their claim to fame, the group’s new album reminds listeners that the show starts in the studio.

Before Sweat Like The Old Days is released on Sept. 4, stream the new album in the player below.

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