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As far as musical collaborations go, the story of Ormonde is an unusual one. Near strangers and accomplished singer-songwriters, Anna-Lynne Williams and Robert Gomez decided to join forces in a small town in Texas, setting up shop in a small adobe house where they did little but eat, sleep and write music for a month.

“We were figuring it out all at once. Each other as people, the strange place where we were, the sounds, the songs, the rhythm of the town. It was a very rare time,” Gomez writes of the experience of writing and recording Machine. “I can’t recall another point in my life where I spent a whole month just thinking about and making music from when we got up to when we went to sleep.”

The result of months of focused solitude, Machine is a quietly intense collaborative album that finds both artists experiencing life in the moment. On album standouts “Sudden Bright” and “Cherry Blossom,” Williams’ feather-light voice finds its match in Gomez’s emotional, intricate layers of acoustic guitars and percussion. Machine finds two talented strangers getting to know one another, telling stories of their own—then weaving them together in a way that’s instantly intimate.

Ormonde’s Machine will be released on Aug. 7 via Hometapes—stream the entire record in the player below.

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