Video Premiere: The Darkness Covers Radiohead's "Street Spirit (Fade Out)" Live

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It’s hard to think of over-the-top rockers The Darkness mellowing out for anything. That’s why it’s no surprise that their cover of Radiohead’s downer classic “Street Spirit (Fade Out)” is anything but a note-for-note cover.

Instead, we get a double-time, amps-cranked take on the cut from 1995’s The Bends, and in place of Thom Yorke’s melodramatic falsetto, Darkness frontman Justin Hawkins’ voice is in full-wail mode. The cover appears on the band’s most recent album, Hot Cakes, which was released Aug. 21. Paste reviewer Mark Lore called the album “the most varied record of The Darkness’ canon.” The live version of the song comes from the band’s July 13 performance at Thetford Forest in England. Check out the exclusive live video below.

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