Album Stream: Brass Bed - A Bullet For You

Music Audio Brass Bed
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Brass Bed has been slowly building up attention and critical praise over the past four years, releasing two full lengths and appearing prime for a breakthrough. With a much-anticipated third record on the way in early 2013, the band has decided to tide fans over with a three-song EP release, A Bullet For You.

With a relaxed opening of reverb-drenched guitar, pleading vocals, and a hooky chorus, the title track slowly rises until finally breaking into an all out release, each instrument trying to outdo the other in emotional intensity. In the end though, it all comes back to Christiaan Mader’s earnest coda, “I’d rather take a bullet for you.”

The album maintains its strong beginning with “Every Time You Make Me” and “Please Don’t Go,” emotive tracks that beg to be listened to again and again.

Listen to A Bullet For You in its entirety below. The EP is set to be released Sept. 18 on Crossbill Records.