Song Premiere: Bright Little Fields - "We're Coming Out" (Replacements Tribute)

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What are two things that don’t seem like they belong together? How about ‘80s underground rock band The Replacements and a ukulele? Somehow, Nashville band Bright Little Fields have managed to combine these two unlikely items and turn them into a truly entertaining tribute.

Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements is the upcoming album of Tom Littlefield and Jonathan Bright. The pair discovered that they had a mutual admiration of the late ‘80s rock band and decided to give their appreciation of Paul Westerberg’s songs a truly different kind of tribute album. While people may be thinking the duo have made some Hawaiian version of Replacements songs, this is not the case. The group have managed to find a unique new sound with the instrument.

In their cover of “We’re Coming Out” the duo transform the aggressive punk song into a comforting folk tune. They have kept the fast pace that Replacements fans are used to, but the ukueles add a sort of softness to the track. Westerberg’s yelling of the lyrics has been replaced with Littlefield and Bright’s bluegrass-rooted vocals.

Be sure to check out “We’re Coming Out” below and look for Treatment Bound: A Ukulele Tribute To The Replacements in stores Sept. 18.